Winter tips for you and your cat


Winter is almost here and with it comes snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. When it comes to our cats, there are a few things that we need to do to make sure our feline friends are taken care of this winter season.

Outdoor cats should be brought in when the temperatures dip into the freezing digits. When it gets really cold a lot of cats like to climb up into the engine compartments of cars, which can end with possibly deadly results. If you can’t bring your cats in then make sure you provide him with some type of insulated outdoor shelter. Anything that will keep him out of the elements and give him a warm dry place to sleep should suffice.

If however, you do choose to bring him indoors, make sure that all windows and outside doorways are weather sealed. Cold drafts can creep into entry ways that aren’t properly sealed and can make life miserabl for out pets.

Provide your cat with a place to hunker down for those cold nights. A cat bed from a pet store works purrfectly. If you can’t afford that then a blanket or towel can make for a great inexpensive bed. Just make sure you place it somewhere that is out of the way, preferably higher up off the ground. Most cats love to be high up. It gives them a birds eye view of all the Christmas festivities going around in your house and makes them feel safe.

Of course most cat people just let their cats climb up into bed with them. That way both you and your cat can help keep each other warm and cozy through those long winter nights. Just be careful if you like to move around at night that you don’t accidentally roll on top of him. It sounds funny but it does happen.

With a little preparation, you can ensure that your cat has many warm and healthy winter seasons ahead.

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