Are Food Allergies Giving your Cat an Itchy Face?

It may not sound like a cat with an itchy face issue may have anything to do with food allergy but believe me, it is very possible one may be causing the other.

A little while back my cat had begun scratching his face so badly that he was tearing out fur and leaving his skin raw. Sounds nasty I know, and believe me it was, but after a trip to the vet I was told to switch out his cat food choosing one with a different type of ingredient. For instance, my cat had been eating a certain brand of cat food made out of seafood, so I had to switch to something not seafood.

I switched to a peas and rice type. There are a multitude of hypo-allergenic foods available at your local pet stores or you could buy whatever your vet has at their office. The choice is yours. I went to the pet shop and got something that didn’t have seafood in it.

After a few weeks his fur grew back and he no longer had any more itchy face issues. All was well. After a while I switched him back to the food that was causing the problem just to see if the problem did indeed return. It did. So I immediately got rid of the itchy face inducing food and switched him to a new variety of poultry cat food and he has been itch free ever since.

So while it may not seem likely that a food allergy could be causing your cats itch face problems it could very well be the problem. Like all health issues with your cat it’s always best to check with a vet and get his/her opinion.

Your cat and his itchy face will thank you immensely.

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