What to do when your cat has fleas?

Otis devastated that he has fleas. So sad.

A few weeks ago, my cat managed to escape. It took 2 whole days before he had had enough of life in the real world and decided to return to all the creature comforts of home, and by that I mean a well stocked food bowl and all the salmon treats he can eat.

Unbeknownst to me the poor little guy returned home with some unseen friends clinging to his skin. About a week after he got back I noticed he was scratching himself a lot more. He had scabs on his face caused by all the itching.

Initially I thought he got ringworm, but the symptoms didn’t really look like ringworm. After a closer inspection and to my great surprise I found a flea! Not just one flea mind you but a healthy thriving population of fleas scurrying in and out of his fur. GROSS!

Without any delay I picked him up and gave him the bath of his life. I lathered him up really good and soaked his little body in suds killing his unwanted guests in the process. When this was done I repeated the process.

Skip-Flea and tick shampoo from Sergeants

Skip-Flea and tick shampoo from Sergeants

After I got him out of the shower and dried him up I got out my advantage and applied it to his skin following the directions very closely. Here we are 3 days later and his flea problem appears to have come to an end.

Quite an adventure huh? You bet it was. It totally sucked. For me and him.

What do you do?

So what do you do if you discover your cat has a flea infestation? Well first off don’t panic. Hopefully your cat has been vaccinated against all diseases that fleas might bring. So the worst then that can happen is your will have some itchy nights. And if your cat hasn’t been vaccinated what are you waiting for. Go out and get that cat his shots!

Ok so your cat has fleas. Fleas are not the end of the world and with these simple steps, your cat will be rid of those pesky pests almost as soon as he got them.

Here’s what you do.

Give your cat a good bath with a good flea and tick brand shampoo. These will kill the fleas on contact and any eggs on his body. Scrub him up good and make sure you work up a good soapy lather. You wanna get the suds on every inch of his body. Even his face too.

Be careful not to get any in his eyes up his nose or in his ears.

Do the best you can do and if he’s moving around too much then skip his face altogether. Just make sure you get what you can where he’ll let you. Once you lathered him up good do it again. When you feel like you’ve washed every inch of his body that you were able to, rinse him good making sure to wash away all the dead flea body and any other dark black like object in his fur that may be eggs. It helps if you have another set of hands to help out. One to hold him down the other to rinse him with the water.


Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick collar by Hartz

When bath time is over, dry him up real good. The next step is to apply some kind of topical treatment. Now I used advantage on my cat. Whatever topical treatment you use is up to you and your vet. These are directly applied to a spot on the cat and will spread throughout the cats body effectively killing any remaining fleas and eggs.

Everyday for the next week go through and inspect his body for any remaining survivors. Chances are you might find one of two but if you’ve followed the steps above %99-%100 of fleas should be killed. Don’t worry about any fleas in your carpet. They don’t like to feed off people as much and once their main food source is gone the fleas will take off or just die.

Fleas can be a major pain in the butt for you and your cat but little a little effort and some preventative measures, you can prevent these little parasites from setting up house permamently.

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