Advice for getting rid of cat acne

If you and your cat has ever had to deal with a cat acne condition, then you both know it’s not a fun experience. It can be an itchy and potentially painful time for your cat and that’s never a good thing.

What is it?

Cat acne is a common problem that normally occurs on your cats chin, lips and face. It shows up as tiny scabs that look like little black heads. They are very itchy and the more your cat scratches himself to relieve the itchiness, the more likely he is to develop painful bloody sores on his skin.

While the exact cause of cat acne is unknown, it is generally believed that conditions that lead to it include stress, poor grooming habits (it’s hard for him to clean under his chin) and food allergies. The best thing you can do in these situations is to relieve your cat of any kind of new stresses he might be encountering in his life. Try switching his foods to something he’s never eaten to see if the acne goes away.

Another possible cause is the use of plastic water bowls. Plastic waters bowls harbor all kinds of bacteria on them. When your cat bends his head down into the bowl to get a drink, his chin brushes up against the side and the bacteria infect his chin, clogging up his glands and setting him up for some potentially itchy days ahead. One solutions is to switch to a stainless steel or ceramic water bowl. With these bowls there are no tiny microscopic crevices for bacteria to live and grow.

Cat acne usually goes away on it’s own in time but there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.

Getting rid of cat acne

So how do you get rid of cat acne. It’s actually pretty easy. First thing is to use a comb to comb out the black heads.  One his skin is looking nice and clean use give the acne infected area a good washing with some warm water and soap. Do this once a day until the acne stops returning.

Follow these instructions and your kitty will be good to go.

Note: I am not a vet nor do I play one on TV. If you have serious problems with cat acne, please consult a veterinarian.

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