Why your cat might appreciate a water fountain

Ever notice that your cat always tries to drink out of the water faucet even when he has a perfectly good source of water in his bowl?   It turns out cats love drinking from a moving water source. Water that just sits in a bowl isn’t very appeasing to kitties so what this does is it keeps the water continually flowing making it all the more appetizing to your cat.

It’s made out of stainless steel, that’s good because some plastic bowls can give your cat chin acne. I know that’s hard to believe but until your cat actually gets chin acne, take it from me, it’s real and is a pain in the “chin” for your cat. This fountain also filters your cats water supply ensuring that he will have fresh clean water throughout the day. It comes with 4 extra filters so you’ll be good for a long while.

Pioneer Pet 6023 Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain, Raindrop Design Smartcat With 3 Extra Filters (total of four)

LT - 090909 - 125x125 Flat Ship

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