Outdoor or indoor cat?

My cat is an indoor cat who thinks he is an outdoor cat. Unfortunately for me, he reminds me everyday just much he thinks he is an outdoor cat.

Making the choice to keep him indoors seemed so much simpler when he was a wee little kitten. I never thought how hard it would be constantly telling him that, no, he cannot go outside.

I have since relented somewhat. I let him out every now and then and he returns whenever he feels like it, and by return I mean I open the garage door waiting for him to casually walk by, at which point I quickly run out and snatch him up, closing the door behind me as if I were being chased by the boogeyman.

Yes. This is where me and my cat are in our battle for indoor-outdoorness. So he remains an indoor cat and I let him out whenever I cannot take his incessant meowing. We live in a decent neighborhood so im not too terrified. Ok yes I am but it is only because I worry about him. God forbid the day when he fails to walk by the front of my garage again and I never see him anymore.

So how do you all deal with letting your indoor cats get their outdoor fix? Do you chain them up never letting them see the light of day, or do you give them their moments in the sun?

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Article by Michael

Michael "When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction." Mark Twain

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  1. Catlover says:

    My cat never goes outside i dont care how much he meows. We have wild coyotes around our farm and there is no way in hell im offering up little snowball as an appetizer to them.

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